What is Payday loan?

We are talking about short-term loan or payday loans, which due to small amounts are to be repaid in the short term.

We can currently get a payday loan from both the bank and the non-banking institution. We can then find an offer that suits us in terms of conditions and costs. The most frequently concluded payday loans are short-term loan or payday loans. What are these types of payday loans and where can we apply for them?

What are short-term loan or payday loans?

Generally, short-term loan or payday loans are payday loans granted for a period shorter than 2 years. Therefore, these are payday loans for example for a month, 10 months or for 24 months. These payday loans, as we have already mentioned, mainly concern smaller amounts, which are easier to repay by the borrower, that is to approximately PLN 10,000.

Also, short-term loan or payday loans allow us to more easily determine the risk, because it is easier for us to look a year ahead than for a few decades before us. In addition, these payday loans are quickly granted and do not require the presentation of a number of documents. Often, we can receive them only as evidence. Very popular payday loans for short terms are also internet payday loans .

Where can we get a short-term loan payday loan?

These types of payday loans are now widely available. We can get them in a bank, a non-bank institution, we can also take them from family, friends, we can also take advantage of special offers of social payday loans.

Below we present the most popular types of short – term payday loans .


It is a fast non-bank payday loan that is offered both on-line and on-line. Momentums amount to about 200 to 3000 zlotys, but we also find companies that can borrow larger sums. The payback time is usually between 15 and 30 days , but we also find payday loans up to 60 days. We pay back the payday loans in one installment. Often, we can also use the option of extending the repayment period.

Payday loan

When we need money in a larger sum, the repayment of which is divided into “light installments”, we can also choose installment payday loans, for example, as in Aasa. Then we can receive a higher amount for any expenses and choose the repayment time by yourself – from 10 to 24 months. Then the debt is divided into installments and is much easier to pay.

What requirements do we have to meet to receive a short-term loan payday loan?

They are not excessive. In most financial institutions, the basis for receiving a payday loan is to have a source of income, for example under a contract of employment, pension or old-age pension. However, we can also get a payday loan with irregular income, for example a contract for a work or order. With short-term loan or payday loans, we do not usually have to provide documents confirming our income and only fill in a special statement in the application.

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